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"Tarot as the window into your mind, body, and soul. Therapeutic approaches for how to integrate what we find there."

-Kristen Leigh


What is Taropy?

Taropy is a place for you to put the demands of life on pause and check in with yourself. 

Tarot brings us direction and clarity. I bring therapeutic insights and approaches. The result is the building blocks for bringing intention back to your life path.

It's so easy to move through life on auto-pilot. Most of us operate from one obligation to the next.
When was the last time you got clear on who you are, why you do what you do, and what you even want?

Taropy often reminds us that we always know exactly what to do and that we can take small intentional actions now that add up to aligned change. 

With the magic of therapy and  tarot, anything is possible.


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~30 mins

Works best when accompanied with the Taropy Journal


The official
Taropy Journal
is here. 

The Taropy Journal is infused with all of the Taropy goodness.  

A place to collect all of your Taropy insights, with fun bonus features like "If the Major Arcana were your Therapist".



My name is Kristen

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Kristen Leigh

I am an Existential-Integrative therapist. My fundamental belief is that healing happens in the process of becoming and knowing ourselves. I promote my clients to reclaim their lives through whole-bodied re-awakening.

Tarot cards are said to represent the "spectrum of human possibility" and align with existential-humanistic therapy as they promote liberation and profound transformation. This is the role they have played within my own life, and now a gift that I pay forward.

I find the use of tarot to be highly therapeutic, but not quite therapy. In a similar way, traditional therapy embraces several different approaches, but doesn't yet support the full spectrum of what tarot can offer.


I created Taropy as a way to bridge the two worlds: tarot and therapy. In Taropy, we bring out the magic of tarot within the context of therapeutic approaches. Not quite tarot, and not quite therapy, Taropy is a unique blend of the two!

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Is this therapy and are you now my therapist?

This service is not mental health therapy. Mental health therapy usually includes an assessment, diagnosis, treatment plan, and weekly session commitments with measurable outcomes. Taropy is supportive and empathic, and we hold in depth discussions about your feelings and experience- but as you can see it's different from therapy.


This also means that participating in Taropy does not mean that I am now your active and current therapist. 

Can I book a private session?

I have temporarily removed the ability for clients to book private sessions.

I am pausing the private sessions to allow myself the time to bring forward *very* exciting offerings in the near future! 

Please join me in Taropy every Thursday while we wait for private sessions to resume. 

To get the latest news and offerings, as well as updates to private sessions, please join my mailing list here: 


Frequently Asked Questions


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Terms and Conditions

Please be aware that Taropy sessions that take place on a social media platform are not necessarily confidential. As a Social Worker, I am mandated to break confidentiality to report the following circumstances:

Suspected past or present abuse or neglect of children or vulnerable adults (e.g. elders or those who are impaired) must be reported to the authorities. If there is reason to suspect the client is seriously in danger of harming him/herself or another person this information must also be reported to the appropriate authority. This applies to information left on the form in the contact page.

Disclosure of Limitations (AKA: The Legal Stuff)
Participating in taropy should never be used in place of professional advice or mental health treatment. Taropy cannot offer legal, medical, business or financial advice. You should not rely on tarot or taropy to make decisions that would affect your mental, legal, financial, emotional, spiritual, or medical conditions. Tarot nor Taropy does  not purport to tell the future or use any occult related powers or influences. This service is a not a mental health therapy session- meaning any statements and advice provided are not mental health therapy treatments and should not be taken as such. Tarot professionals are required to disclose to you that any service that involves tarot readings should be for entertainment purposes only, and if such a law applies to you, then you are hereby on notice thereof. Taropy does not promise to cure or alleviate any illness or particular set of symptoms and/or issues.